Laser Vision Correction

Our office prides itself on keeping current with all the changes and enhancements in eye care, so that we can make recommendations that improve your quality of life and vision.

Since the early '90's, laser vision correction has been available on a widespread basis. LASIK, the most commonly performed procedure, uses a laser to sculpt and precisely reshape the cornea, to correct prescriptive imperfections such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. This reshaping helps the eye focus properly, thus reducing or eliminating the need for contact lenses or glasses. In order to provide this service to our patients, we have undergone rigorous instruction in this area and have been granted Clinical Affiliate status with the UCLA Laser Center, and co-manage with many ophthalmic surgeons in our area.

Fashion Frames

In our Optical Fashion Center our trained opticians and frame stylists will assist you in selecting the frame that is just right for you. We display a wide variety of designer styles and price ranges for our fashion-conscious patients, featuring the latest technology in:

  • No-Line Progressive Bifocals

  • (

  • Hi Index (feather weight)

  • Shamir

  • Polycarbonate (safety lenses for children)

  • Anti Reflection Coating (Crizal)

  • Transitions (they darken in the sunlight)

  • Fashion Tints

Contact Lenses

As a contact lens specialty optometric practice, we offer the latest technology and service available. Our inventory and fitting capabilities range from standard soft daily wear lenses to extended wear and tinted cosmetic lenses. In addition, we feature disposable lenses in one day, one week, two week, one month and three month modalities including spherical, toric (astigmatic), bifocal, tinted cosmetic and extended wear designs. We carry contact lens solutions from every major manufacturer. Our office is one of few in the nation to offer a prosthetic lens service, working with patients to cosmetically correct appearances for damaged or scarred corneas and scleras.

We are proud to list our contact lens suppliers, and invite you to visit their sites for special promotions.
Bausch and Lomb
Ciba Vision